5 Tips for the US MedTech Market Entry. #21 to 25

#21: For new products and products under development, it is important to ensure that there is a good alignment between the “intent of use” declared in the label of the product and the 510(k) application and the description of the CPT code.

#22: Searching CMS’s Medical Coverage Database is the most relevant “next step” to perform to understand the relevance of a CPT or DME code of interest.

#23: The Medical Policies of large private payors are very useful resources to understand the reimbursement landscape for a specific disease condition.

#24: If a Technical Component is included in a CPT Physician fee, there is an opportunity to build an economic case to fund Medical Equipment.

#25: Choosing a segment of physicians to optimize the price of a technology must take into account the type of relationship that his/her practice might have with insurance companies (HMO/PPO/EPO and mix with Medicare).